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And the complete version will be paid or what?

They say that the complete version will be expected at 2021 Q1 on twitter 


hmm ok gonna keep a lookout there :D ty

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First 3months of 2021 I think. but you'll have to pay for the full version.  




Hoe do I use the app joiplay because I am confused on how to use it?

Whens next update?


Game is really nice so far. Good job.


Thank you for playing it and sharing your gameplay. Hope to see you too when the next update is released!

You’re welcome. I will be waiting for the next update. 

Will you have an Android version? I'd love to.


Android version is not on the plan atm.

We have another reply previously confirmed the app " joiplay " could be used to run PC VN on Android. Maybe you could try it.


In the cover I see Joshua and Chuck but I also see a third dog, can you encounter that third dog in the actual demo?

Yes there is the 3rd character that is not yet introduced in the demo. But we are pretty sure it will be revealed in next update and also he will take an very important role in this game.


I just played Disguise and I really really love it! interesting story and amazing characters.  

Joshua and Chuck are so handsome <3

Awesome work keep it up!

Thank you! It would definitely be more interesting in later updates!

I love this. It really show wat i always imagine.

Thank you! Hope it also suits what you are expecting in future updates!


But are you guys actually gonna try and make an android version in a future or something?


Android version is not on the plan atm.

We have another reply previously confirmed the app " joiplay " could be use to run PC VN on Android. Maybe you could try it.


Now I can play PC VN  now and your VN too thanks ^^.


Until then, try the app joiplay to play most pc-only VN's. It's on the playstore or my profile! Ahh just confirming Roar Howl Night Studio here. The app works great.

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Okay, I'll try the app... with how lame I am for all this stuff I'm pretty sure I'll fuck up lol

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Woah woah woah! Am I imagining things or did I just see that you made an android port of Nekojishi?

Haha, not exactly 😅 You didn't imagine it, but it wasn't me who made it. I linked the one that did to have some credits.  The name's sensetiveusername, her/his blogspot. I even found a Winds of Change Android port on another website, but because the game isn't free, I didn't post it here...

I see, uhmm about the app, is there a guide or something? I have no idea how to make it work or what am I supposed to do

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On Reddit – r/FurryVisualNovel someone asked the same question. I suggest you join this subreddit. 

Anyway here's a quick introduction:

– install the app and all needed plugins

– download and extract the windows version of every game you want to port

– press .py not .exe or .sh, if it shows open in joiplay press that and it should run.

If you have remaining questions, I created a site for joiplay here to make it broadly available. There is a link to a video included.

Really love Joshua and Chuck. I look forward to the final release. The artstyle, music and story is amazing!

Thank you!! And we are planning to release the 3rd character in next update!


Andro version please 😭

Another reply previous just confirm the app " joiplay " could be use to run PC VN's on Android. Maybe you could have a try.

Yesss changed my life..

oooo alright thx for info, gonna try it =))

it's working nice

it's working nice

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really an amazing visual novel. really refreshing to see visual novel that not told a story about teenager. great story so far cannot wait for future update!

this might be my new favorite visual novel!


Thank you! We will keep working on and hope to release next update soon!

wow fascinating the truth when playing the demo I liked it and the truth the visual novel is now one of my second favorite since the first is nekojishi

We are glad you like it!

And we will be aiming to make this game the most favorite one in everyone's list :)


I want to Android download it game pls

We ran a couple tests for Android version but the presentation became so terrible. And the optimization might require many resources, which is what we are lacking atm.

So we have to focus on the Windos/Mac version currently.


Try how joiplay works out for you, see if it is compatible with the pc version of this game. You can see find joiplay on my profile. It's an app that let's you play PC VN's.


Can confirm that it works

Awsome! Happy for you!

So far the game seems very interesting and intriguing. Can't wait for the full game release. 

Btw I wanted to ask how are you gonna update the game. Will you post many updates to add to the story little by little or when it's  done you are going to release the full game?


The current plan is not to release too many build updates before releasing the final version. We believe chopping the whole story into pieces is really not a great idea for this game.

Anyway, we will do our best to finish this project asap.

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Ok, haven't been this excited and blown away by a early VN since KingsGuard, can't wait for more, :D!

Thank you! We hope to give more very soon!

omg!! hot dads. its really turning me on... rawr

Oh then it might keep you this way throughout the whole game

yess very ... the first demo release already have cg. wish you guys could add a gallery in the future update so we could see the cg easly, if you guys want it. 

wow so sexy,hot magnificent gorgeous and beautiful i wanted  more of it

Thank you!

We are working on it and hope to release next update soon!

i can wait for the next version of it

Nice game. Really good arts and backgrounds. I like it. Can be better then tennis ace. And to make a game better then tennis ace. Is really hard! XD (That is not advertising. ) 

Thank you and we are happy you like it. We will try our best keeping this quality in the coming builds.


The pc version works on Linux, you could mark it that it works on both Windows and Linux so it can be installed through launcher.

FYI as you launch the game on windows by running .exe, you run it on linux using .sh


We are not familiar with Linux system, but we just added the marks in the file and also added the description for launching it on Linux. Kindly advise if we write it wrong.

Great, not it can be installed bu itch launcher. I can confirm it works on Linux.

You can remove the description for launching it on Linux as it is common knowledge.


Ok we just removed tha description. Thanks for checking.

Does this game have romance?


In the demo there is not much romance, but it would have in the completed version.

By completed version you mean the Patreon version? Or will the public version have that content in the future?


I mean in future builds there will be romance. And completed version means the final build that is available on Steam for sale ultimately.

Oh, okay, good to know! :)


This game has a lot of potential! I enjoyed what it has to offer so far.


Thank you so much! We hope to let you enjoy the completed version so soon!

Ótimo jogo ( Great game)

Thank you!

ah finally out since i play in chinese before Thx

Hope you will like the English version!


Will there be an android version?

We haven't plan to have an android version at the moment due to lack of resources. We'll see if there is chance to have one in later development stage.


i really hope that you end up making an android version, everything from the pics looks so nice, I would love to play it


Just take my money! Incredible game so far!


Thank you! The game is still in development atm. We will do our best to complete it soon!